Downtown Calgary Mom & Me Photography Session: Carla & Marcel

I have had the pleasure of photographing this little man and his mom since before he was born. This was our 5th shoot together on this beautiful summer day and we decided to head over to the garden’s around the Laugheed house as it was special to Marcel and his mom. They take walks there all the time and Marcel just loves looking at and smelling the flowers :)

Just look at this sweet face …Having some laughs with mommy … I love this picture!Oh, and of course we had to have a bubble break lol … He was a pro bubble blower!lol every time I said smile Marcel, he would close his eyes and crunch up his nose and then laugh about it … these 2 pictures happened right after each other after I told him to smile … sooooo cute!This is another one of my favorites from the shoot, they went over to smell one of mommy’s favorite flowers  and Marcel was just cracking up. Perfect way to end the session :)