Confederation Park Engagement Photos: Megan & Kyle

They were acquaintances in high school, but both ran with different crowds. Who knew that years later they would meet up and fall in love ;)

Megan was at the mall spending the day shopping when she bumped into Kyle working in one of the clothing stores she went into. Kyle couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this beautiful quirky girl he knew from high school. He played it cool, and they causally chatted while Megan finished her shopping. Later that day Megan found Kyle through Facebook and the rest is history!

We decided to check out Confederation Park (in Northwest Calgary) for their engagement photo shoot, as Megan spends a lot of time inline skating there, and the location is special to her. She looked AMAZING, and the love they share was radiating everywhere. I am honored to be able to photograph their wedding this August at the Crystal Ridge Golf Course in Okotoks, Alberta.

Just look at her smile, so in love <3

Megan you are just stunning! Comon’ wedding day lol