Lovely Engagement Photography at Big Hill Springs Park: Debbie & Mitch

Debbie and Mitch we a lot of fun to shoot. They were both convinced I was going to have to work extra hard to get Mitch to do anything but the Chandler face lol, but Mitch you did it! No Chandler face was found in your amazing photos with your beautiful wife to be!

We started out the session at the waterfall in Big Hill Springs park, which was so beautiful, a little chilly but BEAUTIFUL! After that we decided to make a little pit stop to the side of the road where we saw a few hay bails and a fabulous little fence. I wish I had my camera out while trying to set up the hay shot lol, Mitch and I had to roll the hay down a hill to get it into proper position and it was pretty funny looking back on it ;)

Hope you all enjoy these!Of course they couldn’t resist the chance to break out their hats and rub in the stats for their opposing teams lol …