How To Dress Incredibly Well For Your Photoshoot!

I always get a lot of questions about what to wear for the shoot, and some of you may have those same questions … don’t worry I am here to help! :) I have some guidelines for you if you need some help choosing your outfits, enjoy!


1. Choose Your Clothes To Fit The Portrait Location

Each location is unique whether it be the greenery, train tracks, mud, a red barn, or bare trees, your outfit will make your choice for location come to life. Before you choose each members outfit, choose your location. For help on choosing the perfect location, please click HERE :)


2. Think About Where Photos Will Be Displayed & Choose A Color Pallet

Before you get your heart set on a specific color pallet, think about where you want to display your photos. If you are planning on a big canvas for the living room wall, or an organic frame collage wall in the hallway, take into account the color on the walls and accents you have around the room. You will want to pick a basic color pallet of 3-4 colors based off of the room you wish to display your photos in. It may help if you choose one article of clothing, or one person in the photos to build the other outfits from. Choose a patterned article of clothing containing colors in your pallet to start off the first outfit, while keeping the other outfits fairly simple.

Tip: Choose Mom’s outfit first. I know in my personal experience It is always hard for me to find an out fit I feel comfortable in for our family photos, so I started picking mine first and matching everyone to me ;)


3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Accessories!

Accessories can turn an ok shot into and AMAZING image! They should compliment your choice in clothing, but not steal the show away ;) A flowy scarf, or a beautiful flower for your hair will do the trick. For the guys, I would steer clear of hats with large bibs. They tend to cast shadows on the face, and may interfere with some special snuggly family moments. As for toddler and children’s accessories, don’t go too big. They don’t need much, and their bright baby blues and smiley little faces are more than enough to go with their little outfits.


4. Never Forget About The Feet :)

To top off your gorgeous outfits, remember to get out a cloth and shine up those shoes and boots! There is nothing worse than forgetting about the shoes and getting your photos back and they stick out like a sore thumb. For mom a cute pair of heals can make your legs look lean and long, and dare I say, do wonders for the hinny lol … but seriously, a great pair of shoes can tie your whole outfit together.


5. Lastly, Lay It All Out

Once everything is all in order, it always helps to lay it all out on the bed and make sure it all fits together. Also, try on the clothing before the photo shoot day too and make sure it all works, and most importantly feels good.


Still struggling?

I have the perfect solution, I work with a wonderful wardrobe stylist names Stacie, who can come to your home and work with your current closet to pick out your clothes for the shoot. Or if you want fresh new pieces, we can also set up a shopping date to get everyone new outfits for the shoot. Let me know if you are interested and I can put you in touch with her :)


Here are a few examples of pallets and clothing so you get an idea of what I mean ;) I hope this helps you in choosing your own outfits for either your family, maternity, or engagement shoot…