How To Choose Your Beauty/Glamour Photography Outfits

It can be very intimidating trying to dress for your beauty/glamour photography session. Don’t fret, I am here to guide you in the right direction, so you not only look beautiful for your session, but feel radiant too!

Dress Comfortably It’s important to feel comfortable in what you bring to wear. It will come across in the photos if you don’t. Be sure to try on all your outfits before you come for your shoot, and sit down in them as we may do some sitting down poses. Also, make sure everything fits properly, that can make or break the photo ;)

Bring a Variety of Outfits You will want to bring 5-6 outfits with you, ranging from more casual to formal. We may not use all of the outfits but it will give us more options with the different backgrounds, or different aspects of your location.

For example, you can start by pairing your favorite jeans with a nice tank top, and then have a second dressier shirt to with them as well. Next, you can add in a bit of texture, like that beautiful shirt you have with the beadwork down the front, which always creates depth in an image. Don’t forget about those elegant flowing pieces too, as they work great with the fan! As for formal wear, pretty much anything goes ;) Again just stay clear for busy prints and don’t over accessorize your gowns. Some women opt for a lingerie piece of two as well. This can be worn by itself, or paired with your jeans from the first outfit!

Please take a look at my Pinterest board “What To Wear: Beauty/Glamor Photography” for some ideas.

Accessorize Don’t for get the accessories. You can be bold and go for the oversized hat, or flower in the hair, or arms wrapped in bracelets, but remember to keep the outfit simple. You can also wear gloves, belts, and anything else you think, and feel great in, just don’t leave them home ;)

I hope that helps a little when planning what to choose from your closet, but feel free to contact me any time if you have any more questions!