Confederation Park Engagement Photos: Hannah & Paul

Paul met Hannah while getting ready to travel overseas to become a volunteer teachers in Africa. Hannah was already in the teaching program, and through the volunteer website she helped Paul start his journey despite being thousands of miles away. They met for the first time face to face when Paul arrived in Africa to start teaching. They had their first date at a pizza place in Africa, and their love grew from there!

They choose to do their engagement photos at Confederation Park here in Calgary because they just moved into their new home together just around the corner. This is where they plan on spending lots of time as a married couple ;) Check out the amazing time we had … Oh and just before the shoot Hannah looked down and just happened to find a 4 leaf clover??? How often does that happen? Never lol …

Paul likes to play his guitar a lot, and it was great of him to bring it along for the shoot :)

What a stunning ring … Paul you did amazing!We honestly couldn’t stop laughing the whole shoot lol …After they both finished their teaching terms, it was back home they went. But Hannah was from England and Paul lived here in Calgary, so they had to spend agonizing months apart. When Hannah was finally able to come to Calgary, they had necklaces made with their initials and how many miles they spent apart engraved in to them. So sweet <3

I am super excited for Hannah & Paul’s wedding this September at the Lougheed House here in Calgary :)