Calgary Engagement Photography At Fish Creek Park: Bev & Dan

Well what a nerve wrecking, but at the same time WONDERFUL, day Saturday was! Bev, Dan and I had our engagement shoot scheduled, or should I say rescheduled, for this past Saturday due to a previous snow storm lol

… So I get up in this Saturday morning and think “well it looks pretty great out today,” with the sun shining, and not a cloud in the sky! I spoke too soon! I was out meeting a friend when the clouds rolled over head, and the panic kicked in lol … I immediately started calling everyone I knew to see if they would come with me to the shoot just in case I need an umbrella holder … but no such luck! I then decided to go to The Camera Store once the rain got so bad that I could hardly see out my windshield looking for anything to keep my gear dry if we went ahead with the shoot lol … Anyway, long story short, I found something but I didn’t even need to use it because the weather was just AMAZING!!

Bev, Dan, and their 3 awesome kids joined me at Fish Creek Park, down by The Ranch Restaurant for some pictures, and a great time!  Love this place!Here is the fam jam ;)


Bev looked stunning for this shoot, and Dan couldn’t agree more!Speaking of Bev & Dan, they met for the first time about 16 years ago at a party, and have been dating for almost 13 years. You can tell they are still going strong, and are still so much in love, and according to Bev, Dan still gives her the tummy butterflies from when they first started dating ;) I love it! Just look at these photos, you can see it …Well, needless to say I CANNOT WAIT for the wedding lol .. I am looking forward to meet their friends and family, and celebrating their love :D